Fashion Design

Sustainable Clothing Design


I'm Anne, a fashion designer from Berlin. I graduated in fashion design from the University of Applied Sciences Trier in 2006 and then initially worked as a freelancer in the field of outdoor, bikewear as well as shoes in addition to my own brand. From 2014 to 2021 I was part of the design team of the company FINKID/FINSIDE in the field of outdoor clothing for children and women.

I see fashion as a language and form of expression of mood and personality, but also function and protection. This is especially true for outdoor and activewear. I was able to acquire most of my professional expertise in these segments and I find the most exciting combination of "form and function" here.


My love of being outdoors has made me rethink my consumer behaviour and lifestyle for a long time. In the spirit of RECYCLE, REDUCE, REUSE, as a consumer I have long since moved away from fast fashion towards second hand and green fashion. But also in my work as a designer, I have the desire and goal to contribute to reducing the negative impact of the clothing industry on the environment and people. For example, 80% of the ecological footprint of a garment is already decided at the design stage. Through good, timeless design, sustainable materials, short supply routes and demand-oriented production under fair working conditions, we create a value chain with which we fulfil our responsibility towards our living space.


  • Moodboards, Trend forecast
  • Collection concept
  • Design and development of clothing and accessories
  • Outdoor/ Active Sports, Kiko, Women's Wear
  • Implementation with Adobe Creative Suite
  • Techsheets and sample annotation
  • Production management
  • Quality management


Anne Toppius phone: +49 15678 - 203751